Past Performance

Past Performance

Xtreme Solutions, Inc. has maintained an average annual growth rate of over 44% year after year for the past 5 years and is constantly moving into new markets and regions.

Strong leadership, open communication, smart business decisions – these are the factors that have shaped our success.

Microsoft Windows Transition Engineering and Sustainment Support

“I can confirm that we remain utterly satisfied with everything we have seen of Xtreme Solutions. They are professional, courteous, helpful, and responsive and do a little bit more than they promise, a little ahead of schedule and to budget…what more could you ask?”

—President, Axiom Corporation

Wireless Local Area Network Engineering Support

“We are extremely pleased with our decision to select Xtreme Solutions over other firms. Xtreme Solutions has played an integral role in Megasys’s success! Since the launch of product, we have had so many customers praise it for its cutting edge application and ease of use. Xtreme Solutions played an integral role in our success. They have well defined process for development, web maintenance and QA, which has been extremely beneficial in integrating the team with Xtreme-Platform team seamlessly.”

—President, Megasys Inc.