AT&T Global Supplier Diversity proudly launches Operation Hand Salute, a California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) initiative. This initiative serves to mentor a select group of Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs) towards improving their business operations and enhancing their ability to win corporate contracts. The phrase “Hand Salute” signifies AT&T’s outreach effort to assist in developing Disabled Veteran owned businesses, as well as acknowledge their military service.

Mentees will have the support of a “blue ribbon” task force comprised of DVBE mentors, industry experts, and community leaders. AT&T has long been recognized as a best-in-class company for its DVBE Program. The tradition moves forward with Operation Hand Salute, supporting the growth of opportunities for Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. As a result, AT&T has turned up the momentum towards achieving a 1.5% DVBE spend base.

Five mentoring teams have been developed for this 12-month project. Each team consists of one mentor, one mentee and an AT&T subject matter expert (SME). They were each strategically coordinated to enhance the experience for each mentee. In addition to workshops, live classes, webinars and monthly mentoring sessions, the training program will provide each mentee the opportunity to achieve quality certification as well as a solid business plan.

We’ve been passionate and committed to the inclusion of diverse business enterprises since 1968 with the establishment of our Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Program in 1968. In 1993, we launched the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program (DVBE) to answer the call to address the challenges DVBEs face in the marketplace. Today, we are proud of our legacy and the added-value our DVBEs bring into our supply chain.

Over the years, our Global Supplier Diversity program has helped suppliers increase their competitive edge in the marketplace. OHS will help us continue our legacy of coaching DVBEs to include global strategies as part of their overall business planning in order to remain viable in today’s marketplace. OHS mentors are current AT&T suppliers who have successful worldwide operations and are increasing their international footprint to serve our customers as well as the customers of other clients. OHS mentees are certified California DVBEs who are interested in growing their business and expanding their contracting opportunities.